BCAA outlines top four winter driving tips

Driers on the Coquihalla Connector faced dangerous conditions, lengthy delays, and some were even turned around on Friday due to extreme weather. Global News

With snow, ice and slush blanketing Okanagan roadways, BCAA is encouraging motorists to ensure their vehicle is prepared.

BCAA has outlined the top four winter driving tips to help keep drivers safe and prepared for the quickly changing weather patterns.

“The first tip, number one, is make sure you’ve got the right tires for the situation going on,” said BCAA Automotive Manager Josh Smythe.

“All seasons and summer tires, they’re not as functional when the temperature gets very cold. So, you know by all means get your winters on there and of course check the PSI if you’re just installing tires from last year.”

In addition to checking your tire pressure, BCAA also recommends checking your windshield wipers and car battery before hitting the road.

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  • Your tire pressure changes as the temperature fluctuates. It is important after extreme cold to make sure your tire pressure is optimal.
  • Keep an eye on tire pressure. Do walk-arounds regularly to check each tire and use a tire gauge if you have one. If you have a deflated tire, add air if you can, or change it before heading out.
  • It is also important to check your windshield wipers as they often wear out faster in cold weather. Over time, worn-out wipers can scratch your vehicle’s windshield.

“Again, with a cold, you know it does expose a lot of things that might be on the brink,” said Smythe.

“If your battery is already four or five years old, and in the summertime, it was maybe a little bit of a slow crank but fired up every time for you, you might find it leaving you behind.”

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Blast of winter forces highway closures in the Okanagan

BCAA recommends considering a battery maintainer to keep your battery charged. Battery maintainers can be ordered online and are wired into your vehicle’s battery and plugged into the wall.

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Meanwhile, BCAA is reminding drivers to restock emergency car kits with winter weather essentials including emergency snacks and water, reflective equipment, snow removal equipment, anti-freeze, washer fluid, winter tire chains and flashlights.

BCAA also says to adjust driving habits to the driving conditions by leaving extra travel time and slowing down on roadways.

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Snow delays several flights at YLW

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