WATCH: Anna Silk talks motherhood, previews new season of ‘Lost Girl’


TORONTO — Lost Girl star Anna Silk said Friday it was easy to balance playing a sexy succubus with satisfying her suckling son Sam.

“I step out of the trailer and become Bo,” Silk said, referring to her character on the hit Showcase series. “When I go in the trailer I’m mom.”

Only seven weeks after the 39-year-old and her husband Seth Cooperman welcomed Sam, Silk was back at work on the Toronto set of Lost Girl.

“He was with me almost every day,” she said during an appearance on Global’s The Morning Show. “I have a mountain of support from my husband and my mom.”

Motherhood is a role Silk, a native of Fredericton, clearly relishes.

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“He’s the mellowest, most even-tempered baby I think I’ve ever met,” she gushed. “He laughs all the time. He thinks everything is funny. He’s a real joy.”

Silk recently wrapped the fourth season of Lost Girl, which debuts Nov. 10 on Showcase.

“It’s a pretty physical season,” she said. “It’s an amazing season. [It] starts with a bang. I’m excited for the fans to see it.”

Those fans, she said, are everywhere she goes.

“I definitely get recognized more than I used to, which is fun,” said Silk.

“Our fan base is so broad. You cannot identify a Lost Girl fan. They’re all different.”

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