ANALYSIS: New season, new personality for the Winnipeg Jets

It might be difficult for the average fan to understand. After all, they’re not privy to the access that, say, broadcasters or other media members have to the team, but with certainty, you need to know there is a different feeling around the Jets this season.

For most of the time since the team arrived 12 years ago, there was an outer shell surrounding the group that was difficult to crack… and, frankly, troubling to understand.

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Now, it wasn’t like the great unwashed from the media wanted to hang out or be drinking buddies. On the contrary. But in terms of a general social component to professional responsibility, something was always missing and relationships were difficult to develop.

In other words, it was easy — for years — to feel like an interloper, an intruder, even though your job requires player interaction on a daily basis. But this year, right from training camp, has been a contrast. The vibe around the Jets is more accessible, approachable, cordial, connected, even congenial.

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Pinpointing reasons for this could include a new coaching staff, a change in leadership, a more veteran group of players, humility based on last year’s troubled season or all of it.

Yes, we’re only six games into the new season, so tempering the embrace of a new, friendlier environment is probably sage, as things could morph back quickly, especially if the wins don’t significantly outweigh the losses. However, at this stage, it’s refreshing to know that there’s a tangible change in attitude and personality to the Jets this season and a better all-around team persona.

And while most fans might not be privy to experiencing it first-hand, where it could become more visible to everyone is outside the dressing room, on the ice, and particularly in the standings in the coming months.

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John Shannon on the Jets: October 25


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