RCMP officers reminded about thin blue line patch ban after rally photo

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RCMP orders Mounties not to wear “Thin Blue Line” symbol
The RCMP has told it's Mounties to stop wearing a black and white Canadian flag with a thin blue line on their uniforms. It's an unofficial and controversial symbol used as a sign of solidarity. As Catherine Uruqhart explains, the new order comes as police organizations examine their relationships with minority communities – Oct 11, 2020

The Nova Scotia RCMP say its members are being reminded that non-approved symbols, including “thin blue line” patches, are not permitted on uniforms.

Mountie spokesperson Cpl. Chris Marshall says an RCMP official sent staff an email reminding them that the patches are prohibited under the force’s uniform and dress rules.

The reminder came after pictures surfaced online over the weekend showing an RCMP member with a thin blue line patch on the front of his uniform at a Freedom Fighters rally in Nictaux, N.S.

The RCMP say officers were there because of a noise complaint and that one used his own money to pay the $5 entry fee in an effort to de-escalate what seemed to be a hostile situation.

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The Freedom Fighters denied the RCMP’s statement in a release Tuesday, saying there was no heated or escalated conversation between rally attendees and the officers.

The thin blue line symbol depicts a blue line across a black and grey Maple Leaf. While some consider the image a sign of police solidarity, it has also been criticized as a symbol of white supremacy.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct. 12, 2022.

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