ANALYSIS: Jets must work out kinks in ‘getting to know you’ phase with new coach

Amid the merriment of Tuesday night’s pre-season win and some notable performances from Kyle Connor and roster prospect Daniel Torgersson, the Jets’ new head coach put a concerning post-game demeanour on display.

In his address to the media, Rick Bowness didn’t hold back in disseminating his thoughts on the game and the problems he witnessed within it.

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It was the type of diagnosis that, for many Jets fans, has been long overdue and an honest assessment of systemic issues and habits not conducive to playing fast … and successfully.

In his four-plus minute availability, the 67-year-old veteran NHL bench boss cited shift length and turnovers as problem areas in the contest — and that in his experience, one ultimately contributes to the other negatively.

And just for clarity’s sake, his umbrage was not directed at his second, third or even fourth lines. in fact, it was pretty much understood where his sights were pointed.

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And while it’s just two games into the exhibition schedule and very much still at the “getting to know you” stage of the relationships between new coach and players, rectifying troubling issues like shift length in a timely fashion is a priority to playing with the pace and speed Bowness is philosophically asking.

Now, it could be something that gets worked out rather easily, so getting the popcorn and drinks ready for the fireworks show might be a little premature. But for those that have been around this team for a trip or two around the sun, it might take more than just a conversation to fix.

But if it’s remedied quickly, then the celebration of future wins — like Tuesday night’s — won’t be accompanied by a disconcerting demeanour from the head coach.

Click to play video: 'RAW: Winnipeg Jets Rick Bowness Interview – Sept. 27'
RAW: Winnipeg Jets Rick Bowness Interview – Sept. 27

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