Florida man allegedly tried to ‘purchase’ girl from parents for $100K at grocery store

Hellmuth Kolb standing by a car in a white tee.
On Aug. 16, Hellmuth Kolb allegedly attempted to "purchase" a female child for $100,000.00 at Port Orange Winn Dixie grocery store, local police claim. Port Orange Police Department

A Florida man has been arrested after police claim he attempted to “purchase” a young girl from her parent in a grocery store for US$100,000.

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On Aug. 16, Hellmuth Kolb, 85, approached a parent and a “female minor child” at a Winn-Dixie grocery store to try and make the deal, the Port Orange Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit reported.

He reportedly remarked to the child’s mother how pretty the girl was, and then followed them to the parking lot where he yelled at the mother before offering the $100,000.

Police claim Kolb is a registered sexual offender. The girl’s age has not been released publicly.

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Authorities opened an investigation into the incident after the girl’s parent contacted police to report the interaction.

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Kolb was arrested on Aug. 25 and taken to the Volusia County Branch Jail (VCBJ). He was on probation for “similar issues” and was forbidden from having any contact with minors, police claim.

“Mr. Kolb should have simply stuck to just grocery shopping,” the Port Orange Police Department wrote in a statement.

“Mr. Kolb did receive a complimentary ride in one of our air-conditioned Police cars, and a free stay at Hotel 92 (VCBJ).”

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This is reportedly not the first time Kolb has attempted to buy a child from a parent.

According to Fox 35, in 2018 Kolb also tried to purchase an eight-year-old girl for $200,000 in a Walmart. A month before that, police reported Kolb made another similar offer to a parent.

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