B.C. municipal election 2022: Osoyoos results

Residents of Osoyoos have cast their votes in the 2022 B.C. municipal election.

Global News is projecting incumbent Sue McKortoff has been re-elected as mayor, with more than 50 per cent of the vote.

Projected to win a seat on council were incumbents Jim King and Myers Bennett, along with newcomers Zachary Poturica and Johnny Cheong.

Acclaimed as water councillors were Robert Appleby and Claude Moreira.

In the 2018 municipal election, McKortoff easily won a second term as the town’s mayor. She gathered 1,379 votes (89 per cent), with her only challenger, Doug Pederson, netting 162 votes (10.5 per cent).



Sue McKortoff (incumbent)

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Dustin Sikora


Myers Bennett (incumbent)

Johnny Cheong

Wes Greve

Jim King (incumbent)

Sy Murseli

Zachary Poturica

Water councillor 

Bob Appleby (incumbent)

Claude Moreira (incumbent)

Population of municipality

5,556 (2021).

Boundary of the municipality

The Town of Osoyoos is located along the Osoyoos Lake, which is Canada’s warmest fresh-water lake. The town also sits alongside the U.S. border.

This profile will continually be updated to reflect the latest information, interviews and events in the campaign.

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