U.S. school allegedly kicks out kindergarten student for having same-sex parents

Zoey poses with her parents, Jennie (L) and Emily Parker (R). Zoey was asked to leave her school for having same-sex parents.
Zoey poses with her parents, Jennie (R) and Emily Parker (L). Zoey was asked to leave her school for having same-sex parents. Emily Parker / Facebook

A Louisiana kindergarten student was allegedly kicked out of the private school she was set to attend after administrators found out she has same-sex parents.

Jennie and Emily Parker shared their family’s story to social media this week, saying that they were contacted by school officials at Bible Baptist Academy in DeQuincy, La., ahead of daughter Zoey’s start date Monday.

“We got called into the principal’s office for a meeting, they informed us that Zoey wouldn’t be able to go to school there anymore because of our lifestyle choices,” Jennifer Parker, 31, told local affiliate KPCL.

Emily Parker, 28, said the meeting took place just two days before the start of school and that despite having attended preschool at the facility the year before with no issue, Zoey would not be welcome back because she has same-sex parents.

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On Facebook, Emily shared some strong words for the school.

“You know what you just taught my daughter? How truly judgmental your church is. How unforgiving and unrelenting you are. I was angry, hurt, embarrassed, but I am not anymore. Now, I am thankful. Thankful you will not mold my tiny human’s brain to be anything like you. I will teach my child to love EVERYONE just like you say your God is supposed to,” she wrote.

Emily is Zoey’s biological aunt. She and Jennie adopted the five-year-old earlier this month after Zoey’s dad died following an accident at his job two years ago. Zoey’s mother is also deceased.

Emily told NBC News that the school’s pastor told her that the school teaches their students that the only legitimate marriage is one between a man and a woman.

The school shared those sentiments in a statement posted to its website:

“As a Baptist academy, we are… committed to provide an environment that is consistent with the beliefs that we hold. We want our students to not only know our beliefs, but we want them to see them as well. Regarding personal relationships, we hold that those relationships, whether in dating or in marriage, should be between a man and a woman.”

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The school also said in the statement, “There are times where our commitment to upholding our Christian values will not line up with the values of other people. This should not be interpreted that we have any hatred or malice toward them.”

Other Christian schools in the area were quick to invite Zoey into their schools after the news began to make headlines, however, and Emily shared photos of her smiling daughter getting set to attend a new school.

“It’s a blessing in disguise,” Jennifer told KPCL. “We have an opportunity to bring her to a school which is a little closer and it’s a new opportunity for her to make new friends.”


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