Ontario company attempting to combat housing crisis with giant printer

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WATCH: Kingston company attempting to help the housing crisis with a giant 3D printer – Aug 11, 2022

The discussion around affordable housing is always top of mind and one southeastern Ontario company intends to print the solution.

New ground is being broken on Wolfe Island, near Kingston, in more ways than one.

A giant 3D printer is being used and according to the co-founder of the company Nidus 3D, it could revolutionize construction.

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“This is a first step in starting to strip out the waste in our current construction processes,” said Hugh Roberts.

The machine aims to speed up housing construction and the company claims the printer could help build certain structures in less than half the time.

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“We expect this format of construction to rapidly pick up traction in Canada and across the world,” Roberts added.

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They are aware of the stigma surrounding automation and the trades, but printer operator Chris Marin says skilled workers are still needed.

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“We still have to work with all manner of trades, carpenters, electricians, plumbers; we still have to have all the other trades come through our buildings. I think we’re speeding up construction, I don’t think we are taking away jobs,” he said.

In fact Marin, who has a background in construction, said he believes automation is the future.

“I think automation and construction has the potential to help solve the housing crisis in Canada,” said Marin.

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The company’s other co-founder, former NDP Kingston and The Islands MP Ian Arthur, said the next project will break even more ground.

“We’re starting another really exciting project – it’s going to be the first project that has a 3D-printed basement in the world and it’s a three-story project, multi-unit project to create more housing in the city of Kingston,” said Arthur.

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