Man buys large billboard in Yonge-Dundas Square to trade single cheese string

The billboard in Yonge and Dundas Square. Ryan Belgrave / Global News

If you’ve been to Yonge and Dundas Square this week you may have noticed something strange —  a large billboard advertising a single Black Diamond Cheese String up for trade.

Angel Domingo, who bought the advertising space, said he found the cheese string in the refrigerator of his new home when he moved to Toronto.

He told Global News he regularly trades items on resell websites such as Kijiji and decided he would try to do the same with the piece of cheese.

Domingo said he is used to trading vehicles, car parts or furniture on resell websites, but said the market is “filled with all kinds of strange things.”

“This is probably the strangest thing that I’ve ever had to had to offer up,” he said.  “Somebody told me that I wouldn’t get anything for it and nobody would want it, but I guess people some people really want it.”

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Domingo said since the billboard went up he has been receiving offers in “droves.”

“(I’ve received) a lot of offers,” he said, “Some people are calling me again because the first offer they had wasn’t good enough.”

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“I think the most anybody had to offer me was they they offered me two Persian cats,” he continued.

However, Domingo said as of Thursday afternoon, he had not accepted any of the offers.

“I’ve been telling everybody the same thing when they asked me what I’m looking for… it’s like you’ll know when you when you see it,” he said, adding that he hasn’t heard the right offer yet.

“There’s been a lot offers and a lot of it is just fluff  — there hasn’t been any quality,” he said.

Domingo said he paid “a lot of money” to put the billboard up, but would not disclose the total amount.

He said the contract for the advertising space is only for a few weeks.

According to Domingo, the cheese string is “still edible,” with its expiry date still a few months out.

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Black Diamond Cheese Strings are still widely available at most grocery store locations.

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