Those Old Radio Shows Aug. 26-27

Friday, Aug. 26

Hour One: Dragnet – The Big Bounce, Our Miss Brooks – Rumors

Hour Two: Pat Novak – Only Way to Make Friends, Jack Benny – Murder at Racquet Club

Hour Three: Weird Circle – Phantom Picture

Saturday, Aug. 27

Hour One: Whistler – Shakedown, Burns & Allen – Gracie in Pageant

Hour Two: Sherlock Holmes – The Burmese Goddess, Aldrich Family – Rotating Parties

Hour Three: Lux Radio Theater – Merton of the Movies

Hour Four: Six Shooter – Sheriff Billy, Wild Bill Hickok – The Phantom of the Gold Circle

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Hour Five: Ozzie & Harriet – Come As You Are, The Shadow – Shyster Payoff



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