Peel police warn public of scam centred on Rogers outage compensation

Peel police reminded the public to remain alert to scams. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

Police in Peel Region are warning the public of a scam involving a promise from Rogers to compensate customers after a severe service outage on Friday.

In a tweet, Peel Regional Police said scammers were “at it again.” The tweet included a screenshot of a text advising people to click a link to receive a Rogers credit as compensation for the network outage.

The outage, which persisted throughout most of Friday, impacted cellular and internet services across Canada, bringing major sectors from banking to government services to a halt.

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Rogers said a network system failure was caused by a maintenance upgrade, disrupting service for more than 10 million people. The company promised to proactively provide a two-day credit on the next bill sent to customers.

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Both Peel police and Rogers confirmed an automatic credit will be issued to customers — without the need to click a link or go through any other formal process to apply.

“We will apply the credit proactively to your account and no action is required,” Rogers said in a tweet.

Peel police reminded the public to remain alert to scams.

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