Saskatchewan government warns about blue-green algae

A close-up of an algae bloom on Wood Lake in the Central Okanagan on May 12, 2021. Global News

Saskatchewan’s warmer weather also comes with a warning about the province’s lakes and reservoirs.

The Water Security Agency and Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Health said patches of blue-green algae can start appearing, and advises people, pets, and livestock to stay away.

Water with the algae can look shimmering, foamy, and can have a pea soup-like appearance, and can look blue-green, bright blue, grey, or tan.

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The province said this can occur during hot, calm weather in places that have shallow, still, or slow-moving water.

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Algae blooms can last up to three weeks, and can move around lakes and reservoirs from the wind pushing them.

The ministry said that direct contact with, or drinking the water can cause red skin, a sore throat, nausea, cramps, diarrhea and vomiting.

People are also being warned about consuming fish and shellfish from water where blooms exist, adding that the internal organs shouldn’t be eaten.

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