WATCH: Toddler’s birthday message for mom goes viral

Watch above: Claire’s birthday message for mommy

TORONTO – A YouTube video of a two-year-old wishing her mom a happy birthday is quickly becoming the latest Internet sensation.

In the video, Claire—dressed in pigtails and a yellow outfit she picked—sits in a white chair set up in a living room and lists the reasons why her mom is “the greatest mommy.”

Claire then tells her mom “you are beautiful,” struggles to count to four on her hand, and asks “are you ready?” before she wishes her a happy birthday.

Claire’s father, Dan Konkel, told Global News that the response has been overwhelming since the video was reposted on the social news website Reddit.

“We originally posted the video on YouTube to share with friends and family who didn’t have Facebook,” said Konkel. “We cannot believe the response to the video.”

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Konkel says he uploaded the edited video to his wife’s iPad and hid it in her baby bag with a note.

“Her exact text to me (I wasn’t able to pick up at the time) was “Oh, my heart hurts! That was amazing!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” said Konkel.

But is Claire’s mom indeed “the best cook” like her daughter claims in the video?

“She’s fabulous!” says Konkel.

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