Officials issue reminders after latest Lethbridge rainfall

Click to play video: 'Officials issue reminders after latest Lethbridge rainfall' Officials issue reminders after latest Lethbridge rainfall
As southern Alberta faces its latest burst of wet weather, officials are reminding people to take precautions to ensure the rain doesn’t put a damper on their summer. Erik Bay has more. – Jul 4, 2022

Puddles were easily visible on the pavement in Lethbridge on Monday. Some bigger than others as the city’s latest rainfall even created some localized flooding near 36 Street and 14 Avenue North.

Near 36 Street and 14 Avenue North on the morning of July 4, 2022. Facebook

Crews were able to clear the roadway, calling the incident “normal” and not expecting any major concerns moving forward.

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To avoid a similar scene in their backyards, plumbing experts are reminding residents to check their gutters before the next forecasted downpour.

“If we know that rain is coming, just double-check,” said Jeff Wiebe, mechanical project manager at KB Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning. “Don’t go out there in the middle of the rain when there’s a hazard to fall off, but when it’s safe, go up and check to make sure the downspouts and gutters aren’t full of leaves.”

With temperatures expecting to rise again this week, Wiebe adds it’s a good time to ensure your sump pump is working properly.

“Even though it’s not raining, the groundwater in that water table might still be quite high,” Wiebe said.

“Making sure those floats work and the power is on to them and there are no issues in there that you find out later once it’s stopped working.”

The recent precipitation has also had an impact on the river bottom.

Lethbridge Fire and EMS water rescue team member Riley McLaren is seeing water levels in the Oldman River returning to seasonal averages.

“With the river levels rising, we’re definitely getting more brush and hidden hazards underneath the water that people aren’t aware of,” McLaren said.

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Woman dead after being swept into Oldman River – Jun 15, 2021

“There are also new creations of currents.”

For anyone looking to cool off with some river recreation, McLaren adds it’s important to take the necessary precautions.

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“PFD use, you have to have your personal flotation device. It’s the safest, especially for kids,” McLaren said.

“Number two is having a plan, so tell a significant other, a friend, anybody, ‘This is what I’m doing, where I’m launching and when and where I’m getting off.'”

He added that you should always be mindful that river conditions can change day to day.

“You never know,” McLaren said.

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“It’s a super-fluid situation. The best tip we can give is just to be aware.”

More water safety information is available on the city’s website.

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