Peel Region launches awareness campaign to end speeding, stunt driving

A file photo of a speedometer. File Photo

The Peel Region has launched a new campaign with the goal of reducing speeding and stunt driving.

The “Don’t Speed” awareness campaign is aimed at “changing people’s perceptions of speeding and reinforcing that driving the speed limit can save lives.”

According to The Region of Peel, there were close to 26,000 speeding tickets issued and more than 1,600 charges laid in Peel for stunt driving in 2021.

In a press release, Peel Region said speeding “continues to be a serious problem.”

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The Region of Peel said stunt driving violations increase during the warmer months, “with charges resulting in an immediate 30-day roadside suspension, fines up to $10,000” and other “serious consequences.”

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“When a driver chooses to drive over the posted speed limit, they endanger their own safety and the safety of others, including pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers,” the release read. “Driving the speed limit can prevent collisions from happening and can reduce the severity when they do happen.”

Sean Carrick, manager of traffic engineering for the Region of Peel, said they are encouraging drivers to “make efforts to plan ahead and leave enough time to safely get to their destination.”

“By choosing not to speed, we can make our roads safer for all road users,” Carrick said.

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