Tech support company chooses Hamilton as base of Canadian operations

Verificient Technologies has selected Hamilton as home to its Canadian headquarters. Global News

A New York-based technology company has chosen Hamilton for its Canadian headquarters.

Verificient Technologies, which specializes in identity verification, made the announcement at a tech conference in Toronto this week.

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CEO Rahul Siddarth said they provide secured sessions for two different kinds of products.

‘One for higher education, K-through-12, and corporate e-learning programs”, said Siddarth, “we ensure that when they’re taking a certification exam, that person is who they say they are, and that there’s no deceit or misconduct.”

Siddarth added that the firm also offers services to private companies.

“If you’re planning to hire remote workers, this is a software that can ensure no data breaches have occured and that there’s a high level of productivity”, said Siddarth.

He said Hamilton was chosen because “there’s such a great pool of diverse people from all walks of life, different age groups, and we’re looking to hire in account services, marketing, tech support.”


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