Homesick dog escapes pet hotel, runs home while owners are on vacation

Click to play video: 'Kansas dog escapes pet hotel, shows up at home looking for owners' Kansas dog escapes pet hotel, shows up at home looking for owners
A dog in Kansas surprised his owners in February when he showed up at their home, despite them being in Las Vegas on vacation. The dog, Dexter, had been at a pet hotel while they were gone but had seemingly escaped when he showed up on their Ring camera at the door. Jeremy Henson used the camera's speaker to keep him calm while waiting for someone from the facility to pick the dog up and take him back – Jun 22, 2022

The last thing Jeremy and Sarah Henson expected while they were on vacation was for their dog to break out of the pet hotel where he was staying and return home.

The American couple from Kansas were on vacation in Las Vegas when they got the surprise notification from their doorbell camera. When they checked the live feed, they saw their beloved pet Dexter scratching and whining at the front door to be let inside.

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The clip, which was shared online, has since gone viral.

In the video, Jeremy attempted to comfort the dog as they waited for an employee from the pet hotel to retrieve Dexter.

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“Good boy, stay there,” Jeremey could be heard saying through the doorbell’s speaker.

He told the dog to sit numerous times, but the anxious pooch didn’t oblige.

“I know, buddy, I’m sorry,” Jeremy coaxed.

As the dog stared at the doorbell, tail wagging, Jeremy praised Dexter’s intelligence, calling him a “smart boy.”

At the end of the video, a person presumably from the dog hotel finally arrived to retrieve Dexter. Over the doorbell’s speaker, Jeremy thanked the unknown person.

It’s unclear exactly how Dexter was able to escape the dog hotel.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Jeremy confirmed Dexter was to stay for five days at the dog hotel, but escaped on the third.

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Inside Edition reported the dog hotel is two miles (over 3.2 kilometres) from the Henson residence.

​​​​​​​“He’s very smart, and that intelligence can get him into trouble sometimes,” Jeremy told Inside Edition.

Jeremy also said the dog would have had to get over a six-foot fence to make it home, though they are still unsure how this happened.

“He was bound and determined. Obviously, he didn’t understand the fact that we were gone, he just thought that we were home. And he takes his job protecting us very seriously,” Jeremy said.

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