Saskatchewan singer-songwriter launches new anti-bullying campaign

SASKATOON – Wanting to keep the issue in the spotlight and create a bully-free zone in schools, a Juno- and CCMA-nominated Saskatchewan artist is helping launch a new campaign, using music to get his message across.

Seven-time Canadian Aboriginal Music Award winner Donny Parenteau travels around the prairies reaching out to students.

It was a conversation with one young girl that inspired him to create, “Imagine A World.”

“The power of music is universal. It’s a universal language,” said Parenteau.

“It really helps get the message across to kids and it definitely helps seeing kids their own age and probably seeing what a couple of them may be experiencing on the school yard and how they can change the situation,” said Jennifer Campeau, the education legislative secretary.

“Imagine A World” is part of a new campaign Bully Free Zone.

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WATCH: Donny Parenteau on the Morning News

You would never know by his successful music career that as a kid Parenteau was a victim of bullying.

Now a parent, he was devastated to learn his 17-year-old daughter was severely bullied throughout elementary school.

“It was through texting, through Facebook, but she didn’t let anybody know that she was being bullied, she tried to hold it all in,” said Parenteau.

“She finally came forward and told us what was happening and we had to help her put a stop to it and we addressed the bullying.”

With another daughter in kindergarten, Parenteau is doing what he can to make sure she doesn’t go through the same thing, reaching out with music to kids across the province.

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The song and music video also features Saskatoon artist Michele Dubois.

“Imagine a World” was released Oct. 9 to Canadian radio stations and on Parenteau’s website.

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