WATCH: Coffee shop prank video scares up buzz for ‘Carrie’

TORONTO — The movie studio behind the reboot of Carrie has come up with a frightfully good hidden camera prank it hopes will scare people into theatres on Oct. 18.

In a video that has quickly gone viral, an actress with apparent telekinetic powers seems to get revenge on a guy who spilled her coffee. After sending him flying up a wall, she appears to move tables and chairs with the power of her mind.

To complete the prank, she screams loud enough to knock books off shelves.

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Horrified coffee shop patrons react in various ways — from whispering expletives to screaming.

It is not known if the shocked patrons are, in fact, actors. The studio has only said everyone appearing in the video signed releases.

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The video ends with a line from Carrie. “There are other people out there like me who can do what I can do,” says Chloe Grace Moretz.

The prank was staged by Sony to promote the release of the made-in-Toronto horror flick — a remake of the 1976 classic based on Stephen King’s novel.

Uploaded to YouTube on Monday, it had been viewed more than 3 million times by early Tuesday.