New pet ownership rules coming to Winnipeg in July

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New pet ownership rules coming to Winnipeg in July
There will be several new rules for domestic pet owners in Winnipeg to follow as of July 1. Kevin Hirschfield breaks them down. – Jun 2, 2022

The city posted a new list of rules for pet owners and businesses on its website Wednesday.

There will be several new requirements for domestic pet owners to follow as well as new wildlife regulations, effective July 1.

Leland Gordon, the city’s manager of animal services, told Global News the city’s recent by-law review was an opportunity to engage with pet owners, animal welfare organizations, and other stakeholders, to find a way to modernize Winnipeg’s regulations.

“Abusing or neglecting or placing their animals at risk… it gives us more teeth to crack down on those irresponsible owners — those people who are putting their animals at risk, those people who are putting the community at risk,” Gordon said.

Beginning this summer, dogs will no longer be allowed to be chained or housed outside for extended periods while unsupervised and when it’s warmer than 22 C.

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Owners will no longer be able to go cycling with their dogs. And owners won’t be allowed to leave pets unattended in a vehicle unless the air conditioning is running.

“Every summer, the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service receives hundreds of these calls — where people have left the dog in a car and it’s 30 degrees out,” Gordon said.

“People are posting online about this dog left in a hot car, and it frustrates everybody and makes people mad. Now we have an offence for that and we can easily ticket someone for doing that.”

Dog and cat breeders will have to get a breeder permit, and there will be restrictions on how many litters female animals can have.

Owners can choose to keep their pet intact (not spayed or neutered) but they must keep up regular veterinary care and a history of responsible pet ownership.

The city is also adding regulations to doggy daycares which it said have so far been generally unregulated. The regulations include mandatory dog assessment, staff training, and minimum safety and cleaning standards for facilities.

Gordon said establishing doggy daycare standards is an innovative, yet common-sense change to the by-laws.

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For wildlife, the use of body hold or glue traps outside will be strictly prohibited as these traps can cause injury or death to ensnared animals, and can also kill and injure animals that aren’t targeted, such as dogs, cats, and birds, according to the website.

Additionally, feeding wildlife will also be banned (with the exception of birds) to prevent overpopulation of urban wildlife and reduce conflict with humans.

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Protecting your pet from kennel cough


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