Caught on video: Breastfeeding B.C. mom saves pet goose from eagle attack

Click to play video: 'Breastfeeding B.C. mom saves pet goose from eagle attack'
Breastfeeding B.C. mom saves pet goose from eagle attack
Security camera captures the moment a bald eagle swooped down and grabbed Frankie the goose and started dragging it away. Owner Cait Oakley -- who was busy breastfeeding at the time -- rushed outside and scared off the bird of prey. – May 19, 2022

A B.C. mom is being hailed as a multi-tasking hero after saving her pet goose from the grips of an eagle.

While she was in the middle of breastfeeding her daughter.

Cait Oakley and her family have lived in their Saanich home for about six months.

This family includes two geese and a number of chickens.

But Oakley said she received the fright of her life this past weekend when an eagle swooped down and tried to take their female goose, Frankie, right out of their driveway.

Frankie the pet goose at her Saanich home. Allen Felker

“We’ve had hawks and eagles in our yard before but I never would have expected an eagle to be coming after our large, 20-pound geese,” she said

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Oakley was getting her baby daughter dressed and ready for bed when she saw Frankie at their front door.

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“Frankie is notorious,” Oakley said. “We have her because she’s an alert goose so she comes to our door when something’s in the yard when it shouldn’t be in the yard.”

Oakley said she knew then something was up. She then heard Frankie calling and saw eagle wings flutter past the door.

“It had grabbed her by the neck,” Oakley said. “But I startled it enough that it didn’t get quite a good grip so I chased it up the driveway and it let go and Frankie came running back home,”

She said it was bizarre to see the eagle try to grab her goose.

“She’s like my fourth child, I was terrified.”

Cait Oakley and her pet goose Frankie. Allen Felker

Oakley did not even realize the moment was caught on camera until her husband went to look as he couldn’t believe an eagle had tried to take Frankie.

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“It was hysterical, we were laughing so hard,” she said.

The video has been shared thousands of times after they posted it online and Oakley said the response has been hilarious and wonderful.

“People commented, saying women can multitask and mamas are always on guard for everything,” she said.

“Some people have called me ‘Mother Goose.'”

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