Apple adds pregnant man and gender-neutral emojis to iPhones

Police are warning the public of the grandparent scam. Getty Images

iPhone users across the globe may have noticed several new options in their emoji keyboard, including a pregnant man and a gender-neutral pregnant person.

The iOS 15.4 iPhone update rolled out in mid-March, and along with it came 37 new emojis.

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Alongside the pregnant emojis is also another genderless icon depicting a person with a crown, added to the already existing king and queen emojis.

The emojis come with five different skin tones that users can select from by pressing down on the icon in their keyboard.

The system update also saw the addition of several other emojis, including a melting face, a disco ball, beans, a troll, and a biting lip icon.

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Apple first released the pregnant man and pregnant person emojis in January as part of an optional system update. In March, they joined the full set of emojis included with the iPhone’s latest update.

The pregnant man and pregnant person icons are not the first gender-inclusive emojis released by Apple. In 2019, the company added several same-sex couples and gender-neutral emoticons to users’ keyboards.

The iOS 15.4 iPhone update also included several new features, such as the ability to use face ID with a mask on, live text integration with notes and reminders, and a new Apple Pay authentication screen.

To ensure your iPhone device has these new emojis, users must make sure their phone is fully updated to the latest version of iOS.

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