Cannacurious: What we really know about cannabis

Cannacurious is a five-part series on CKNW. Global News

In this five-part series on 980 CKNW, Eric Chapman digs into the science and facts on cannabis. Not what your third cousin read once in a high times magazine.

How is the market doing? What is CBD, what is THC and are there really therapeutic uses for them, or is that another story?

Starring April 4 listen to Mornings with Simi after  6 a.m. for another episode of Cannacurious: What we really know about cannabis.

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What is in your weed?

Monday – April 4, 2022

Let’s take it back to legalization and what has happened since legal sales started? Has it seen steady growth in sales and interest? Is it the tax windfall some cannabis advocates claimed it would be?

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Eric talks to Deepak Anand, co-founder of Materia Ventures about how things have been going.

Tuesday – April 5, 2022

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All the kids and their slang can be confusing so in this episode its time to get schooled. Not on the hip phrases the youth are using more like Cannabis 101.

Eric and Professor Ryan Vandrey from the John Hopkins School or Medicine go to class.

Wednesday – April, 6 2022

When you think of Cannabis what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Is it the endocannabinoid system? Probably not. So what is it and what does it do?

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UNBC Professor Phillipe Henry, joins Eric to explain the difference between cannabinoids and endocannabinoids.

Thursday April, 7 2022

You have heard the good. But what about the bad? In this episode Eric, looks at the harms of Cannabis and the lack of research on it.

Necole Hines, cannabis chef and founder of Faded Living shares her thoughts on the stigma still attached to Cannabis and what we can do about it.

Friday April, 8 2022

Harm reduction is a tool that meets drug users where they are and can be used to help people that use drugs to stop using. So can cannabis play a role in harm reduction strategies?

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Eric talked to Professor Dr. Eugenia Socías, Research Scientist with the BC Centre on Substance Use.

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