Jonnies Sticky Buns gets a rise in business in the name of fair trade

WINNIPEG — West End bakery Jonnies Sticky Buns co-owner Jon McPhail says Saturdays are normally busy, but this Saturday was even busier thanks to a “buy-cott” organized by the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation.

For the buy-cotts, the council finds a company that works with fair trade products and encourages people to buy there.

It hopes the business will pay the gesture forward by using even more fair trade products.

The label fair trade was created in an effort to ensure workers receive a fair wage and working conditions.

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Janice Hamilton of the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation said fair trade pays a minimum set price for products.

“If the market value is higher, they would get that, but if the market value drops, they actually get the fair trade price.”

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Jonnies was packed Saturday with customers showing their support for fair trade and a sticky snack.

“We love cinnamon buns and we are really excited that they want to do more fair trade stuff,” said one customer. “It’s a great opportunity to combine two really amazing things.”

McPhail serves fair trade coffee and tea and uses fair trade flour but said the buy-cott event inspired him.

He is now working on a bun featuring fair trade chocolate, cinnamon and brown sugar.

“It’s been a very good opportunity to sit down with people who have the knowledge of fair trade products and get to know what’s out there.”

Hamilton said Manitoba stores carry many fair trade products, including chocolate and sugar, and has the largest variety of fair trade wines in Canada.

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