Watch: Firefighter captures kitten rescue on GoPro

TORONTO – A video of a California firefighter breathing life back into an unconscious kitten has gone viral for a second time and it will melt your heart in more ways than one.

In June, Cory Kalanick, a Fresno firefighter, entered a burned home and rescued an apparent lifeless kitten he found on the floor.

“I looked down and you can actually see the cat shining in the spotlight of my flashlight.  And I looked back and that’s when I saw the cat and grabbed him,” Kalanick told CBS47 TV.

In the headcam footage, the firefighter can be seen picking up the feline and carrying it outside where he placed the kitten on his glove and draped the cat in a wet cloth and began to administer oxygen.

After massaging the tiny animal and using a tank of oxygen the kitten came back to life.

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The original footage was edited down to a movie trailer-style YouTube video entitled “The Rescue” and was posted on June 15, garnering over 1.5 million views.

The video went viral a second time this week after GoPro picked up the footage, added music, slowed down the frame rate and added it to its official YouTube account.

Sadly, the kitten later died from its injuries.

“It’s a very sad loss.  The kitten, however, was in very loving hands to get taken care of,” said Beth Caffrey, of Central California’s American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.