Kingston, Ont. gas prices jump over the weekend

Click to play video: 'Kingston, Ont. gas prices jump over the weekend' Kingston, Ont. gas prices jump over the weekend
Gas prices in Kingston jumped to $1.84 per litre and are showing no signs of slowing down – Mar 7, 2022

Gas prices in Kingston, and across the globe, continue to rise as the price of oil is showing no signs of easing up.

Over the weekend, the cost of regular fuel jumped by 18 cents, now sitting at $1.84 per litre.

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Diesel is coming in at $1.96 per litre and premium has hit a whopping $2.04 per litre at some gas stations.

“In terms of increases, they’re being felt far and wide across the entire province,” says Patrick De Haan, an expert energy analyst at GasBuddy.

“Kingston is a little bit above average, but certainly that average takes a little bit more time to adjust. But everyone is seeing pretty significant five- to seven-cent a litre increases over where we were a week ago.”

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The COVID-19 pandemic had already caused increases in the price of gas, and now with the conflict in Ukraine, fuel prices have shot up to record-high levels.

“Across Canada, the Canadian average is about 20 cents a litre higher than previous record highs,” says De Haan.

“So we are above and beyond what we’ve ever seen before.”

It appears that we won’t be seeing any relief from these prices any time soon.

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De Haan says prices will likely continue to rise, and we might not see them go down until the end of the year.

“It’s certainly possible that by the time the summer driving season starts in June, prices could be another 10 to 30 cents a litre higher than today.”

So you might have to get used to paying high prices at the pump, as it seems they will be sticking around for a while.

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