Grocery store in Verona, Ont., north of Kingston, bakes ‘scuffles’ to show support for Ukraine

Click to play video: 'Grocery store in Verona, Ontario baking “scuffles” in support of Ukraine' Grocery store in Verona, Ontario baking “scuffles” in support of Ukraine
WATCH: Verona, Ont., grocery store showing support for Ukraine by baking "scuffles" – Mar 4, 2022

Many people in the Kingston region continue to show support for war-torn Ukraine, including a store in Verona, Ont., where a fundraiser is underway.

Kim Perry, owner of Food Less Travelled, a grocery store in the town, is giving away a Ukrainian cookie to show support for the embattled Eastern European country and what its people are going through.

“This is called a Ukrainian ‘scuffle’ and it is essentially a crescent-shaped cookie rolled in cinnamon sugar,” Perry said.

Perry says food always brings back memories.

“The smell when it’s cooking, the taste when you’re eating it, that’s what we do here. We do a lot of cooking, a lot of traditional cooking and so I just thought maybe I would look up what type of food makes Ukrainians happy,” said Perry.

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“This happened to be one of the products that would have been easy for bakers to make.”

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Barb McLaren is a supplier to the store and one of Perry’s long-time friends, and is doing her part to support Ukraine.

“We need to be aware that this is a terrible thing that’s happening,” said McLaren. “I wore my Ukrainian blouse today and I thought I should be wearing it all just to remind people of what’s going on globally.

“We should be concerned and do what we can.”

The constant images of war coming from Ukraine are disturbing to watch and it should never have happened, McLaren said.

Perry and her employees are hoping a scuffle will serve as another reminder that people, even in small-town Ontario, stand with Ukraine.

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A donation jar is located right next to the sweet treats at the store’s front cash.

“We put on our Facebook post that the money will be donated to the fund that was being organized for Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College students from abroad, from Ukraine and their families,” said Perry.

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That fund is still in the process of being set up.

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