Animal Food Bank raising funds to support animals in Ukraine

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Animal Food Bank helps pets in Ukraine
WATCH: Not only is the war in Ukraine devastating to the people who live there but also to their pets. Locally, the Animal Food Bank has stepped up to the cause. Ensuring that anyone who needs help getting supplies or feeding their animals is able to. Sydney Morton has more – Mar 1, 2022

The Animal Food Bank is answering the devastation in Ukraine with a fundraising campaign to support the people of Ukraine’s pets, animal welfare organizations and refugees.

“Humanitarian efforts social services like that, they tend to focus on the needs of people and not pets,” said Nicole Frey, Animal Food Bank founder.

“That’s why we exist and we feel it’s so important for people to understand the choices that citizens of Ukraine are being faced with; staying behind to protect their pets or leaving them.”

The United Nations reports that more than half a million people have fled the war in Ukraine so far, many with their pets.

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However, when it came time to board the train, they found out that they weren’t always allowed to bring them on board. People had to make the hard choice to leave their pets behind on the platform.

However, many stayed behind, refusing to leave their pets.

“What we’re hearing is that for organizations who stayed behind to protect their pets or rescues, [and] people who have [stayed] behind, the prices of supplies are skyrocketing, so financial assistance will absolutely need it,” said Frey.

That’s where the Animal Food Bank comes in.

Frey and her team have built a fund and are reaching out to animal welfare organizations and shelters on the ground in Ukraine so that they can get them the money they need, as soon as they need it.

“We just want to make sure that the global community is aware of the need and for the support of those pets. Because by supporting the pets, you’re helping the people,” said Frey.

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Frey has dedicated part of her website to help Ukraine, whether that’s through her Be Kind for Ukraine fundraiser or through other aid organizations.

A few suggestions are linked on her website



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