Fleming College says property off limits for planned Peterborough convoy

A "slow-roll" convoy is being planned in Peterborough on Feb. 19, 2022. JMC

Fleming College and its president say its property will not be used for a planned convoy in Peterborough this weekend.

On Facebook, a group called “Peterborough Freedom Rally Convoy” is planning a “friendly and safe protest” convoy event in the city on Saturday, Feb. 19. The public group currently has over 200 members.

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The event invites participants to first meet at Fleming College’s back parking lot at Dobbin Road. The “slow-roll” convoy intends to head west on Lansdowne Street before going north on Ashburnham Drive and then travel along Parkhill Road before heading south on George Street towards the city’s downtown core.

However, on Tuesday afternoon, the college issued a statement that it neither received permission for the convoy to use its parking lot nor will permission be granted.

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“For the safety our students, including those living on campus, we ask organizers to find an alternate location,” Fleming stated on its social media pages.

College president Maureen Adamson also echoed the sentiments on her Twitter feed.

Global News has reached out to the City of Peterborough and the Peterborough Police Service for comment.

Last month, the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board requested police assistance to monitor a convoy which was heading to Ottawa to take part in the truckers’ protest. Plans were originally to use the parking lot at Crestwood Secondary School, however, the school board said permission was not granted.

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The convoy of transport trucks and other vehicles instead lined up along Sherbrooke Street in front of the school before leaving on the morning of Saturday, Jan. 29.


UPDATE Wednesday, Feb. 16.

In a statement general statement issued noontime Wednesday, the Peterborough Police Service did not mention the specific convoy event but said unsanctioned events have a “high probability for personal injury and property damage.”

“A police response is not an endorsement, but a commitment to public safety,” police stated.

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