Ontario reports 3,797 people in hospital with COVID-19, 4 new ICU admissions

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EDITOR’S NOTE: A previous version of this story said there were 56 new fatalities reported in Ontario on Sunday. In fact, 57 fatalities were reported. One death was removed from the province’s cumulative total based on “data cleaning.”  

A total of 3,797 people are hospitalized with COVID-19 in Ontario on Sunday, with 604 individuals receiving care in an intensive care unit (ICU).

That’s according to the latest data released by the province.

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The latest numbers mark a decrease from the data shared on Saturday, which said 4,026 people were hospitalized with the virus.

The number of people currently on a ventilator also decreased by three from 378 on Saturday to 375 on Sunday. However, the number of patients in an ICU rose from 600 on Saturday to 604 on Sunday.

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In a tweet morning, Ontario’s Minister of Health Christine Elliott noted that not all hospitals report data on weekends.

The province also reported 57 new COVID-19-related deaths on Sunday, bringing the total number of fatalities in the province to 10,968.

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According to the Ministry of Health, one death was removed from the cumulative total of fatalities “based on data cleaning.”


What’s more, 5,833 new COVID-19 infections were reported on Sunday, bringing the total number of infections to 996,665.

However, experts caution that this is likely an undercount, as more stringent rules have been implemented in the province that limit who is able to access a COVID-19 test.

Vaccination data

According to Elliott, to date, 30,056,293 COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered in Ontario.

She said more than 79,999 doses were administered on Saturday alone.

“91.6 per cent of Ontarians 12+ have one dose and 88.9 per cent have two doses,” she wrote in a tweet.

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So far, 6,010,726 people have received their booster COVID-19 shot.

The latest data suggests 11,609,879 people in the province are now fully vaccinated.

According to the province, of those receiving care in an ICU, 216 are unvaccinated, 17 are partially vaccinated and 227 are fully vaccinated.

The data also said of those in hospital with COVID-19, 783 are unvaccinated, 194 are partially vaccinated and 2,079 are fully vaccinated.

The news of the new cases and fatalities comes just days after the provincial government announced it would start lifting public health restrictions at the end of this month.


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