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Watch: YouTube video teaches you ‘How to be a Vancouverite’

How to be a Vancouverite

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Talk about the weather. A lot. Own an umbrella, or a collection of umbrellas. Only shop at local organic stores.

These are just a few steps you can take to become a ‘real’ Vancouverite.

Two local residents, Matt Dennison and Jason Lucas, both 21, formed a group called IFHT or I F*cking Hate That, and they specialize in making comedic skits and music videos.

Their latest is all about ‘How to be a Vancouverite’

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“The feeling of this video is very lighthearted and should be taken with a grain of salt,” said Lucas via email. “One of the great things about Vancouver is the diversity here in the city so we would encourage everyone to be different or even make up your own rules!”

The video was inspired by Nikki Bayley’s article in the Vancouver Sun: How to be a Vancouverite 101.

The shoot for the video took three days and about a week and a half to write and set up. A total of 11 people were involved, including some actors and friends. Their info is at the bottom of the post.

“A lot of our videos involve poking fun at well known stereotypes,” said Lucas. “In the past we have poked fun at many Canadian stereotypes and the videos have done fairly well. So when Matt had the idea to poke fun at Vancouver stereotypes it seemed like a no-brainer.”

The video was uploaded on September 17, and has already amassed almost 110,000 views. Lucas said the feedback has been amazing. “The comment section is filled with praise and our social media news feeds are getting flooded,” he said. “We are really excited to see the viewers take the video in a lighthearted way, which is what we fully intended.”

Dennison and Lucas are both big fans of Vancouver. Lucas said the best thing about the city would have to be the diversity and talent pool. “Through YouTube and other avenues we have so many great local actors, chefs, musicians, bloggers, reporters,” he said “The list goes on and on. It is amazing to live in a city where talent thrives and diversity is promoted. Also, everyone is really friendly! Which may just be a Canadian thing.”

You can follow IFHT on their YouTube channel.


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