British pub patrons stranded for three days after major snowstorm

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Dozens of pub patrons showed up at a British pub last Friday night to see an Oasis cover band play. Little did they know they’d end up spending their entire weekend snowed in, with no one coming to save them for three days.

Patrons and staff at The Tan Hill Inn, in Yorkshire, England, showed up at the venue Friday for a few hours of drinks and songs from the cover band, Noasis.

In that time, however, a mighty snowstorm blew through the area, blocking all of the pub’s exits with approximately three feet of snow, the New York Times reported.

To make matters worse, the pub sits at a high elevation in a fairly remote area, meaning the roads were impassable, and downed power lines on the road leading out of the pub posed a threat to drivers.

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The Tan Hill Inn entrance blocked by three feet of snow. The Tan Hill Inn / Facebook

On Sunday, pub manager Nicola Townsend told the BBC that all of the 61 stranded guests were in good spirits — some were so happy with the arrangement they didn’t want to leave.

“They’ve formed quite a friendship, like a big family is the best way I can describe it,” she said.

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Guests cozied up around the pub’s large fireplace and played trivia, watched movies like Mamma Mia! and Grease, and, unsurprisingly, sang a whole bunch of karaoke with Noasis.

Stranded guests at The Tan Hill Inn play trivia. The Tan Hill Inn / Facebook

Some of the unexpected guests found places to sleep in the inn’s guest rooms, while others camped out on makeshift beds on the floor.

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Because of the inn’s remote location — it’s the highest pub above sea level in the U.K. — the kitchen was well stocked and running out of food was not a threat.

The visitors also spent an ample amount of time outside, at one point having a Best Dressed Snowman competition followed by hot chocolate and mulled wine, pub co-owner Mike Kenny told The Yorkshire Post.

The chef at The Tan Hill Inn takes some time to make a snowman. The Tan Hill Inn / Facebook

A few people were able to escape the pub early thanks to mountain rescuers who arrived to take parents home to their children and evacuated one patron who required medical attention.

The other 50 managed to ride it out until they were finally given the go-ahead to leave on Monday night.

Noasis posted to their Facebook page after they left Monday, thanking their hosts.

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“Noasis have left the building!” they joked.

No one’s looking back in anger at their stay, however.

The pub shared a group photo on Sunday, saying “We will ALWAYS remember this group of amazing people who came together, and hopefully, in challenging circustances, enjoyed what we all think was a life-changing experience.”

Townsend told Rolling Stone that the stranded pub patrons have joked about meeting up again next year on the same weekend. A few of them even said they hope a storm blows through during the reunion, leaving them stranded again.

The powerful Storm Arwen caused havoc in parts of the U.K., leaving at least three people dead and tens of thousands without power after gusts of up to 160 kilometres per hour ripped through the area.


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