Quebec municipal election results: Pointe-Claire

The district of Pointe-Claire is seen on the map.
The district of Pointe-Claire is seen on the map. Elections Quebec

Tim Thomas has been elected in one of the closest mayoral races in Pointe-Claire, ousting incumbent candidate John Belvedere by only 61 votes.

Thomas took 4,535 votes (45.7 per cent) while Belvedere came second with 4,474 voting (45.1 per cent) to re-elect him. Lois Butler came in a distant third with 868 votes (8.7 per cent).

Belvedere was marginally leading for most of the night, but Thomas stayed on his tail and snuck in a win with the last few ballots coming in.

A few hours before the win, Thomas mentioned he already had some priorities in mind if he gets elected.

“The first thing I will do is rezone the Fairview Forest as an environmentally protected green space, and I will hopefully have the councillors help me do so.”

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Six out of the eight districts re-elected their city councillor while Seigniory and Cedar/Le Village will see fresh faces, with Bruno Tremblay and Erin Tedford winning respectively.

Paul Bissonnette won a fifth term in a row as city councillor of the Lakeside district.

Brent Cowan, who criticized Belvedere openly in the last few months, was also re-elected in the district of Oneida for another term as councillor.

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