Quebec municipal election results: Montreal West

Mayor Beny Masella was re-elected as mayor for his fourth term since 2009, while only one seat in council will change for the town of Montreal West.

Lauren Small-Pennefather has been elected for councillor in Seat 2. As the only member of council to not be re-elected this year, she will replace Dino Mazzone.

In a race for Seat 1 on council, Elizabeth Ulin pulled ahead with two-thirds of the vote.

Montreal West faced a calm election day on Sunday, with no more than 10 people in attendance to witness the election results at Westminster Town Hall.

Some candidates were less stressed about the election than others. Along with Mayor Masella, councillors Colleen Feeney and Maria Torres were relieved to run without opposition for re-election.

Ahead of the race for a new mayor in the city of Montreal, Masella hopes that towns and suburbs on the island will have more say with taxpayer’s money, according to a recent interview with Global News.

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