Donnie Wahlberg handing out Wahlburgers in Toronto on Saturday

TORONTO — Fans of the Wahlberg brothers — Mark and Donnie, of course — can meet them in Toronto.

On Saturday, Donnie Wahlberg will host a street-side Burger Bash from 3 to 4 p.m. at the SoHo, where 200 fans will get a free Wahlburgers burger.

Donnie, a member of pop group NKOTB, is currently filming a new season of Blue Bloods.

Mark Wahlberg is hosting a gala event Monday night at the SoHo Metropolitan hotel to celebrate the news that Canada’s first Wahlburgers restaurant will open there early next year.

It’s invitation-only but fans can catch a glimpse of the actor as he arrives for the bash.

The two stars’ brother, executive chef Paul Wahlberg, will be on hand for both events.