Cat rescued after dramatic 50-foot fall from balcony at football stadium

Click to play video: 'Cat saved from stadium fall with flag at college football game in Miami' Cat saved from stadium fall with flag at college football game in Miami
WATCH: Fans at a Miami football game came together to help save a cat that dangled and then fell from an upper level of the stadium by breaking its fall with an American flag, on Sept. 11 – Sep 13, 2021

Hang in there, kitty — America’s here to save the day.

Fans pulled off the biggest catch of the night at a Miami Hurricanes college football game on Saturday, when they used an American flag to save a cat that fell off the upper deck of the stadium.

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The cat briefly stole the show at Hard Rock Stadium after slipping over the edge of the top balcony, drawing screams from fans below as it dangled by its claws from the facade.

Several witnesses recorded footage of the cat swaying back and forth from the ledge.

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Videos show the cat slowly losing its grip over several seconds, clinging to the padding on the balcony by two paws and then, eventually, by a single claw.

The cat finally falls, drawing gasps from the crowd as it plummets some 50 feet from the ledge.

Season ticket holder Craig Comer says he cushioned the cat’s fall with an American flag that he brings to every game.

“They were trying to grab it from above and they couldn’t reach it but they were scaring it downward,” he told CBS News.

“It hung there for a little while with its two front paws, then one paw, then I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, it’s coming soon.'”

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Cromer and his wife quickly unfurled their flag and managed to soften the cat’s fall. The feline bounced out of the flag and into another fan’s arms, Cromer said.

The fan held up the cat Lion King style, presenting it to the stadium and drawing loud cheers of approval.

It’s unclear how the cat got in or what happened to it afterward. Miami coach Manny Diaz joked that the feline might have a future with his team.

“I don’t know … what was going on,” he said after the game. “But I’ll tell you, if the cat will help us in our red-zone offence I’m going to see if we can give it a scholarship.”

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