Japanese macaque dies at Calgary Zoo during habitat introduction

Kyubi the Japanese macaque was killed by habitat mates at the Calgary Zoo. The Calgary Zoo

A Japanese macaque monkey died at the Calgary Zoo this week after the other monkeys he was to join in the habitat turned on him.

The Macaque, named Kyubi, “sustained fatal traumatic injuries during introduction activities with his habit mates,” the zoo said Friday.

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The male monkey had been at the zoo since the spring, and the animal care, health and welfare team was working on a safe and slow introduction plan over the last six months, to have Kyubi be integrated with the other female macaques, Lorie, Loki, Mika, Shawna, Suki and Sachi.

The zoo said “heroic efforts” were made by the zoo staff to care for Kyubi, as well as the veterinary team, in hopes he would recover from his injuries.

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“While rare, introduction fatalities happen both in animals under human care and in the wild,” the zoo said in a Facebook post.

“Our animal care, health and welfare team is devastated by the outcome.”

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Kyubi was raised at the Granby Zoo in Quebec before being brought to Calgary.

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