Strange sounds heard in Terrace B.C., but this is not the first time

A video posted on YouTube called ‘Strange Sounds in Terrace, BC Canada August 29th 2013 7:30am‘ has caused a flurry of activity and comments on social media, but Terrace resident Kimberly Wookey said this is not the first time she has heard these sounds.

It’s just the first time she was able to record them.

“I first heard the sounds on June 19,” she said. “The same exact sounds, maybe not quite as intense as the sounds that day, but the same sound.”

Wookey said on June 19 she thought someone was playing some really bad music near her house, but the sound didn’t last long and although other residents said they heard it too, no one had a recording of it,

Fast forward to August 29 when Wookey said she was roused from her sleep by the noise again. “I knew immediately what it was,” she said, “so I went running for my camera.”

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It seems luck was on her side that morning as she had her HD Samsung SC-HMX20C video camera lying on her TV stand, with battery life, and enough room for a recording. She recorded the noise, which lasted for between eight and 10 minutes, and posted three videos on YouTube.

Wookey has received messages from all over the province, from others saying they have heard it, and wanting to know what it was.

Terrace resident Kayla Skye Foley said she did not hear the noise back in June but she heard them this time. “I had only heard the noises on YouTube over the past two years, she said. “At first I thought it was someone playing a trumpet very horribly at the library park and I couldn’t understand why they were doing it so early in the morning, but then I remembered all the videos from the Internet about this ‘skyquake’ phenomenon that had been happening worldwide.”

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On Friday, the City of Terrace posted a note on their Facebook page saying they were responsible for the noise.

“Turns out….. it was us. A City employee was preparing a grader for some work on Lanfear hill and produced that mysterious noise with the grader blade,” they wrote.

But Wookey, Foley, and others, are just not buying it.

“It just does not match up with the grader,” Wookey said.

Foley agreed saying “a grader would seem plausible if there wasn’t already so many videos from all over the world of very similar sounds.”

“It is easy for people who haven’t heard them to just dismiss it as a grader but in person it was very eerie especially not knowing what was causing it,” she added.

Wookey is not sure what the noise was, but is interested in finding out.

“I’ve had people message me and say ‘you’ve hoaxed this,'” she said, “but this mom of four doesn’t have time for that!”

This is one of many videos posted on YouTube showing clips of similar sounds from all over the world.

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