Damage in the millions after fire at Hamilton truck repair business on Barton Street

Firefighter battled a blaze at a commercial building in Hamilton on Barton Street East Saturday Aug. 14, 2020. @HamiltonFireDep

It took firefighters four hours to knock down a large fire at a commercial building in Hamilton’s east end on Saturday.

Officials say the “deep-seated”  three-alarm fire started at a truck repair business just before 8:30 a.m. at 2555 Barton Street East between Centennial Avenue North and Lake Avenue North.

“Crews made entry into the structure to initiate interior firefighting operations and had to be pulled out as portions of the roof began to collapse,” Hamilton fire chief Dave Cunliffe said in a release.

Cunliffe said three aerial apparatus were deployed to direct high-volume water streams at the flames.

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At one point Hamilton police alerted nearby residents to stay in their homes with windows closed due to excessive smoke in the air.

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There were no reported injuries.

The cause of the fire is still not known and is under investigation.

Hamilton fire have determined the estimated cost of damage caused by the blaze is in the millions of dollars.

The Office of the Fire Marshal has been notified.


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