Bloom Sunflower Festival to shine in Armstrong, B.C.

Click to play video: 'Sunflower Festival sprouts up in Armstrong' Sunflower Festival sprouts up in Armstrong
Sunflower Festival sprouts up in Armstrong – Jul 27, 2021

Sunny days are ahead for Armstrong, B.C., now that the Bloom Sunflower Festival will be put on by the Szareks, the couple famous for the Abbotsford Tulip Festival in the Lower Mainland.

The Bloom Sunflower Festival is almost ready for ticket holders to enjoy, on a four-acre plot of land.

“We have planted three-acres of the Solano variety which is about a five- to six-foot [tall] variety with a nice yellow head and that is the majority of the field,” said Marc Szarek, Bloom Flower Festivals operations manager.

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Of the 80,000 seeds, they have planted to create the spectacle they will also have red sunflower varieties.

Since 2016, the Szareks hosted the Abbotsford Tulip Festival on their 10 acres of land, an event that will be moved to Armstrong next year. However in August of this year, they will be adding a sunflower festival to their annual lineup.

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“Once these guys [sunflowers] grow a little taller, then we are going to mow a fun pathway throughout the field so that people can walk through and then we have a bunch of really fun photo props where people can get their perfect selfies or great group shot,” said Alexis Szarek, Bloom Flower Festivals owner.

Now all there is to do is wait for the sunflowers to sprout up in time to host thousands of people at the two-week-long festival.

“Some of them are shorter some of them are taller we do have some American Giants that are supposed to grow between 18 and 15 feet tall,” said Marc.

The Bloom Sunflower Festival will take place from Aug. 18 to Aug. 31 in Armstrong. For more information, visit

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