Edmonton election 2021: Who won in Sspomitapi?

The Edmonton municipal riding of Sspomitapi. Graphic by Cody Coates, Global News

Global News projects Jo-Anne Wright has won the seat in Sspomitapi, ousting incumbent Moe Banga from the southeast Edmonton ward.

With all polls reporting Tuesday morning, unofficial election results show Wright received 34.45 per cent of the vote and Banga was in second with 23.83 per cent.

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Edmonton’s municipal wards will be redrawn and renamed effective election day Oct. 18. Formerly portions of wards 11 and 12, this ward is being renamed Sspomitapi (Pronunciation: SS-POH-ME-TAH-PEE).

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Banga is running against six other candidates in Sspomitapi.

Here’s a quick look at the candidates running for council in Sspomitapi.

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Moe Banga

Banga was first elected to council in a byelection in February 2016 after the seat was vacated by former councillor Amarjeet Sohi. He was re-elected during the 2017 campaign.

Banga is a former police officer.

He has a number of priorities, including traffic safety, homelessness and anti-racism initiatives.

Banga’s website

Banga’s Facebook page

Banga’s Twitter page

Jasbir Singh Gill

A former teacher for more than 30 years, Gill currently owns his own business: KG Driving School.

Gill says one of the major issues in the ward is the railway crossing on Maple Road. He says voicing the concerns about the location of the railway will be one of his top priorities.

He says he will also bring forward residents’ concerns about the current snow removal strategy.

Gill’s website

Gill’s Facebook page

Harman Singh Kandola

Kandola says he is running for council because people in the area want a fighter who understands and stands up for them.

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He says he wants to raise his children in a neighbourhood where they can grow and play in parks, have their identity celebrated and have a robust inclusive economy with a good job waiting for them.

Kandola wants to walk into city hall every day and speak “for the ignored and forgotten.”

Kandola’s website

Kandola’s Facebook page

Kandola’s Twitter page

Mukesh Makwana

Makwana says his goal is to plan for a sustainable community where everyone is safe and has access to services like education, health care, food, housing, employment and social and cultural expression.

He says he will work with local businesses to create more employment opportunities to grow the economy in the community.

Makwana says he will also work to enhance safety in the area.

Makwana’s website

Makwana’s Facebook page

Sanjay Malhotra

Malhotra says he has always had a passion for serving the community.

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He has volunteered in poverty-stricken areas of New Delhi, as well as participated in food drives in his community here in Edmonton.

He says he is an advocate for change.

Malhotra’s website

Rashpal Sehmby

Sehmby has spent more than 20 years working as a postal worker.

He says he believes this corner of Edmonton deserves to have a voice at the table that listens to constituents, values public service and remembers residents’ values.

Sehmby’s website

Sehmby’s Facebook page

Sehmby’s Twitter page

Jo-Anne Wright

Wright ran in this ward in the 2017 election, coming in second to Banga.

Her key priorities include local economic development, infrastructure, public programs and services.

She also wants to be the voice for the diverse community in the ward, and bring a woman’s perspective to the issues facing citizens.

Wright’s website

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Wright’s Facebook page

Wright’s Twitter page

In total, 11 people are running for mayor and 74 candidates are running for city council. Eight people are running to become Edmonton Catholic School Board trustees, six of whom have been acclaimed. There are 40 people are running to become Edmonton Public School Board trustees.

Advance voting will take place from Oct. 4 to Oct. 13, including Thanksgiving Monday (Oct. 11).

Election day is Monday, Oct. 18.


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Are you running in Sspomitapi? Email Caley Ramsay by clicking on her byline at the top of the story.

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