More gawkers than topless women at ‘Go Topless Day’ march

Topless march in Vancouver.
Topless march in Vancouver. Global News

Today is international ‘Go Topless Day’ and a large group of women in Vancouver, and some men, paraded down Robson Street in Vancouver.

Some even cruised around in a topless care to show their support.

However, more people turned out to take pictures and look at the women in the march.

“People are staring at us,” it’s sort of a freak show,” said one of the participants. “Which is beautiful because we want people to look at us, we want people to see that it is normal for [women] to be topless, just like men are.”

The event was being held in 45 cities around the world.

Participants say it’s not fair that it’s socially acceptable for men to walk around with no shirts on, while women can’t necessarily do the same.

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“We’re doing this in order to get equality of [women], without judgement,” said one participant.

It is legal to be topless in Vancouver, but many women often feel uncomfortable with the idea.