String of dead cats most likely killed by coyotes, say Ottawa police

After finding a seventh cat mutilated in the city's west end, Ottawa police say testing showed the death was most likely due to a coyote. Nick Westoll / File / Global News

Ottawa police say a string of cat deaths is most likely due to an animal predator, not a human one.

As of June 21, Ottawa police say they found another cat deceased, this time in the Woodroffe Avenue and Knoxdale Road area.

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This is the seventh cat to be found mutilated in the city’s west end over the last two weeks.

Ottawa police first put out a warning on June 15 after finding four dead cats in the area, suspecting that someone may be abusing and intentionally killing the cats.

But police say a necropsy was conducted on one of the cats, and the results showed that the death was most likely due to a coyote. Police say the findings support the same theory for the other dead pets found.

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Now, Ottawa police ask pet owners in the area to keep their cats inside.

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