Céline Dion responds after Las Vegas trolls Montreal with image of singer in Golden Knights uniform

Céline Dion. Photo: CP Images

Céline Dion would never turn her back on Quebec.

Tuesday night at Game 5 of the NHL Conference Finals, the Las Vegas Golden Knights trolled the Montreal Canadiens by displaying an image of Dion in Golden Knights gear on the jumbo screen.

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On Twitter, fans reacted wildly, with some calling Dion, who has lived in Las Vegas for many years while performing a residency in the city, a traitor. Others took pleasure in the trolling of la belle province.

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After some scrutiny, it was discovered that the image was doctored, with eagle-eyed Twitter users pointing out that a picture of Dion from her 2007 album Taking Chances had been Photoshopped.

On Thursday, Dion addressed the controversy in a Tweet celebrating Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day:

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“By the way, I have nothing to do with this photo…. And you know what photo I’m talking about!” she wrote in French, adding a wink emoji at the end.

Montreal went on to win the game 4-1, giving them a 3-2 lead in the series and a possible path to the Stanley Cup Final.

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