Gananoque Country Club celebrates 100th anniversary with historic lesson in golf

Click to play video: 'The Gananoque Golf Club celebrated its 100th anniversary with a historic game of golf' The Gananoque Golf Club celebrated its 100th anniversary with a historic game of golf
WATCH: Members of the Gananoque Country Club got a lesson on historic golf, playing a round using hickory sticks from the 1920s in celebration of their 100th anniversary – Jun 18, 2021

The Golf Historical Society of Canada helped the Gananoque Country Club east of Kingston, Ont., celebrate a milestone anniversary.

Several members played a round of golf as if it was 1921. In period outfits, they used equipment provided by the historical society.

“We learned an awful lot about the game of golf and how it was played back in the day,” said Alfred Reade.

A member of the club’s centennial committee, Reade said it was a wonderful and educational experience.

“We used some old hickory sticks that had unusual names like Mashies, Baffys, Spoons, and Niblicks, “continued Reade.

“We can’t thank the historical society enough for being a part of this special occasion. They helped us put this all together and it was so much fun.”

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Jeff Rogers, president of the Canadian Golf Historical Society, based out of Cambridge, Ont., says the game has changed significantly over the years.

“The two biggest changes have to do with equipment and creativity,” says Rogers who enjoys spreading his knowledge of the game to those who are fascinated with the sport.

“Today, its driver wedge, driver wedge, driver wedge,” continued Rogers.

“Everyone inspires to hit the ball as far as they can. Back in 1921, they used a driver, a mid-iron and a niblick just to reach the green.”

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Rogers goes on to say that the courses have not changed but they’ve become longer because technology has improved so much.

“I would love to see a professional use a full set of hickory sticks,” added Rogers. “I think that would bring their ego’s down quite a bit.”

The Golf Historical Society of Canada was founded in 1988 and currently has 235 members. It is a social group for those interested in golf history, collecting historic golf items and playing with historic equipment.

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