‘Amazing growth’: 33 of 77 dogs surrendered to N.S. SPCA now have new homes

In their latest update, the Nova Scotia SPCA says 33 of the 77 dogs who were surrendered from a property in Cape Breton have now found new homes. Nova Scotia SPCA

From “absolutely terrified” to frolicking in water and going for walks — the Nova Scotia SPCA says many of the 77 dogs surrendered from a property in Cape Breton in April are now thriving.

In an update posted to their website, video of some of the dogs show them happily playing in a kiddy pool of water and going for a walk with volunteers.

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“These are some of the 77 dogs and pups who used to be absolutely terrified of everything and everyone,” the SPCA wrote.

“Now, they are learning how to walk on a leash and enjoy playtime in a pool. These everyday things may seem basic but it shows amazing growth and progress.”

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Back in April, the shelter said they were simply “overwhelmed” after the dogs and puppies were surrendered to them. Most of them were under-socialized, and some were pregnant or had recently given birth.

The animals were in urgent need of treatment and rehabilitation, estimated at the time to cost more than $70,000.

Now, 33 of the dogs have found loving families. However, some of the animals “still have a long way to go.”

The SPCA the remaining dogs have personalized socialization plans and will be available for adoption when they are ready.

“We’ll be moving at the pace that is most comfortable for the dogs. You can expect a few meet-and-greets to slowly get to know each other and fall head over paws in love,” they wrote.

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