Quebec artist’s hand-drawn sailboat design tours the world

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Montreal hand-drawn boat design draws attention overseas
Montreal hand-drawn boat design draws attention overseas – May 24, 2021

Thousands of kilometres from Quebec, sailing on the Bahamas blue waters, a Lachute family still has a piece of home with them, the boat’s bold design that sets them apart.

“Well we wanted something different, we wanted something that represents us,” said Véronique Massia, who is sailing the world with Patrice Dubé and her 11-year-old daughter Amy Pilon.

The couple entrusted longtime friend and Quebec artist Jessie Armand, who goes by the name Jetset, to draw his well known design on the sailboat.

The boat called Atypic, is the family’s home on the water. Courtesy: Sailing Atypic

“It’s all free style and free hand. I don’t think of anything. This is a design that lets lets me get lost into my own world,” said Jetset.

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A week before the family set sail in September 2019, the artist used the 43-foot-long boat as his blank canvas. He’s used to larger scale projects like luxury cars but had never drawn on a sailboat.

“I had to boost the design big enough that I could get it done in two days and so that people can see it from miles away, and not just have to go up on close to it to see what the detail looks like.”

He worked with acrylic markers to make sure it wouldn’t fade, then touched up the design with paint.

“It was very cool to see him draw the boat to start from white to this amazing art, it’s incredible,” said Massia

The family has travelled to 11 countries with Atypic, and they told Global the boat’s design attracts worldwide attention.

“People recognize us from everywhere, they remember us from six months ago “oh you guys were in that anchorage eh?” and we were like yeah,” she said.

Jetset said its gratifying to hear that his design is getting feedback around the world.

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“So people say nice work and then, you know, you’re creating some emotions for people. So to know that my boat is creating an emotion all around the world, it’s amazing,” he said.

As his design tours the world, it feels like he’s right there exploring with them and the family can’t wait to welcome him aboard.

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