Cat survives fifth-floor jump from window of burning building

Click to play video: 'Cat survives jump from 5th floor of burning Chicago building'
Cat survives jump from 5th floor of burning Chicago building
WATCH: A cat landed safely after jumping from a fifth-story window of a burning building in Chicago on Thursday. Video shared by the Chicago Fire Department showed smoke billowing from windows in the building. – May 14, 2021

A black cat used up most of its luck and a few of its nine lives on Thursday when it leaped from the fifth-floor window of a burning building and landed safely on its feet.

Video captured by firefighters in Chicago shows the cat’s action-movie escape, which played out during an apartment fire.

Firefighters were recording the blaze when the black cat appeared at one of the broken windows. The cat appeared to stretch its front legs out of the window, then kick off and throw itself into the air.

A cat falls after leaping from a fifth-floor window at an apartment building in Chicago on May 13, 2021. Chicago Fire Media/Twitter

Gasps can be heard in the video as the cat tumbles out of the window, twisting and flailing for a brief moment in the air.

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Then it did what cats do: It landed on its feet.

The cat touched down on a grassy patch in front of the firefighters, bounced once and then scurried away.

“It went under my car and hid until she felt better after a couple of minutes and came out and tried to scale the wall to get back in,” said fire department spokesman Larry Langford.

Langford says the cat was not injured. He added that he’s trying to track down its owner.

The fire was confined to one apartment and no injuries were reported.

Officials did not immediately share the cause of the fire or details about the damage.

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