Kelowna collective invites audience to experience ‘new Jazz’

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Kelowna Collective introduces audience to experience ‘new jazz’
Kelowna Collective introduces audience to experience ‘new jazz’ – Apr 27, 2021

Kelowna collective Kinfolk Nation invites you to build a new world with them at their next performance.

“[With] Kinfolk Nation we are trying to build a nation where people help each other really get the best out of their lived experience,’ said collective co-founder Trophy Ewila.

The collective is comprised of Ewila, Lady Dia and Randy Jernidier.

“Kinfolk is really about that kindred spirit connection… it helps us transcend race and it’s like if our spirits align then you are Kinfolk,” said Dia.

In their upcoming online performance on April 30, they introduce to the audience what they call ‘the new Jazz.’

“It’s the art of freestyling with the background of Caribbean culture and African music — all of this mixes together with the chords of the jazz as we know it,” said Jernidier.

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“It’s total freedom of being able to express yourself through any instrument, any way you express yourself and this is our way of expressing it.”

Their performances are a mix of spoken word, music and dance. Where they invite the audience to revel in their constantly evolving body of work.

“[Our songs are] not going to be sung the same way as it was last week because you allow how you are feeling in the moment to speak through that piece, you do not own the piece, it’s also living,” said Dia.

Discover Kinfolk Nation and ‘the new Jazz’ Friday, April 30 by tuning into the livestream on the Rebellious Unicorns website. 


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